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In 2017 I experienced what I have called my artist awakening.  Through a failed business attempt I felt as if I had lost everything; but on the contrary, I gained a creative vision. Since then, I began to try multiple artistic endeavors that friends and family have literally begged and pleaded with me to share with the world. 


PhineLine Design is a visual representation of my journey into the depths of my creativity, my love of Art, Design and Architecture all in one place for the world to see.


An Artist Awakening!

Friday, June 16, 2021 marks the first official art showcase of Daniel E. Philon, "An Artist Awakening!" The showcase will be held at Hill Prince (Barn House), located at 1337 H Street NE, DC 20002 from 5pm to 8pm. Admission is free.


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As a child, I would lay on my mother’s kitchen floor in Alabama and sketch for hours.  My mother would take such joy in my work often saying to me.  “One day you will be an artist! You should most definitely go to school for art!”.  Needless to say, I didn’t take my mother’s advice. Growing up in Alabama we didn’t have art classes and in fact little to no exposure to art and I honestly didn’t really want to go to college.  What I did know was that I wanted to get out of Alabama. 


Shortly before graduating from high school my aunt convinced me to go to college to further my education by applying to Miles College in Fairfield, Alabama so I did, and I was accepted a few weeks before graduating.  It wasn’t New York but to me, it was the big city.  I eventually transferred to UAB and got my bachelor's in Business.  After college, I moved to Washington DC and received my MBA at the University of Maryland.  I have worked in Human Resources Management for the past fifteen years and in my most recent role, I was the Chief Human Resources Officer at a Healthcare start-up venture with two former colleagues which required me to move back south to Atlanta, GA in the fall of 2015.



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